ACH Processing

This is an extremely powerful and useful tool for ISO's. The ACH System can be utilized once you have an account set-up with our system default provider or another ACH Provider you presently utilize. When an account has been issued, the ACH account userid and password is entered into our software, and the capability is at that point fully functional.

Use the ACH system to pay your salesreps and referral partners commission or finders fees.

Also use the system to debit your merchant customers accounts for equipment purchases and or monthly payments if you decide to offer rental or lease plans and hold the account yourself. We have an ACH module that allows you to set-up recurring debits of your merchants checking accounts on the selected date each year, quarter, month or week.

We presently have GETI/Sage payment gateway integrated for your use. Should you be interested in using another provider, let us know and we can integrate their gateway.