The Instant Credit Manager system provides each agent and internal sales representative with a unique online application link making it much easier to capture an application from customers. You no longer need to email PDF's for your customers to complete. Our online application makes you look more professional.

Instant Credit Manager provides agents the capability of sending a link to their customers for completing an online application, integrating the application link into your website where it can be accessed by customers, or manually entering an application for a customer in the back office.

Once an application is completed, it appears in the NEW APPLICATIONS status. Agents can then move the application to the eSignature step or send email to the customer with the completed application attached for signature through the system where a copy is stored with the customers record.

The software does have the capability of performing electronic signatures, but you can use the standard method of automatically populating the application PDF and emailing it to the merchant for signature.

You can enter notes that are stored in the customers record providing a contact history audit trail.

Agents can edit the default pricing which is associated with the customers application.

Once the agent is finished attaching documents, the status is changed and underwriting can then begin processing if you handle this internally. If underwriting is performed by your processor or ISO, the package can be sent by email to the contact you have entered in our system, or we can integrate with your providers using XML.

If you are an ISO with multiple providers, you can change which application you wish to send the customer for signature. Remember, we can store numerous merchant applications and default rates & fees for each provider in the system for your use. This is helpful if for example the merchant is a type that your main provider won't accept, it can be populated on one of your other provider's application with one click and sent to the customer for signature.

The system is also has a generic application most cash advance lenders will accept.