The Instant Credit Manager database is the heart of your system. It contains and provides you with customer information at lightning quick speeds.

You can access the ICM system and your customers information from any computer, tablet or other smart device.

We recognized that the information you will be gathering and storing about your customers is extremely sensative, therefore we went to great lengths to insure your data is protected from would-be hackers.

As is detailed in the PCI section, our database is protected with an encryption system. Even if the server were to be hacked, information retreived would be meaningless to the invader because it is encrypted. An encryption key is required to decipher the data. These keys are not stored on the same Cloud server.

Back-ups of your data are performed multiple times daily, and in the event of a system crash, we can have you up and running in a short period of time. This is all included in your monthly license fee.