Electronic Signatures

We have integrated eSign Live (Silanis) making the signing session quick and simple.

Take a look at eSign LIVE by clicking the Silanis logo above.

They offer very flexible plans to fit any budget.

Merchants can make corrections to the PDF they are signing, a change log is created and attached to the merchants record and the changes are updated in the database.

There are numerous methods to authenticate a merchant for the signing session. One method is to ask a number of questions that only the person signing will be in a position to answer correctly. The answers are scored and only then are they permitted to electronically sign the documents. You define the logic.

Electronic signatures are not mandatory in our system. Should you elect to not use this feature, that's not a problem. The system also has the ability to populate your PDF application and email it to the merchant for them to print and sign. They will then fax it back for you to attach it to their application record.