There are various ways the Instant Credit Manager software can work for an ISO.

We can provide a licensed copy of our software for you to run your entire business, or we can integrate directly with your back office system and provide a front end for your system.

What that means is that merchants can apply online through our software and the entire merchants application record and documents can be transferred to the ISO's legacy system electronically through XML integration. It reduces the workload in an ISO's underwriting department, since the application has been received electronically and does not require having someone key it in manually. This is especially helpful to the agent office as well, because their customer is entering the application into the system. This also reduces the possibility of keying errors.

There are numerous features in our software, but if there is something else you would like added or changed, it's not a problem. Since the ICM software was built to stand-alone operationally, we are not dependant on another software program to run under which allows you the flexibility to pattern the system ofter your business methods. We can customize the system to meet your needs, and at a very attractive per hour programming cost.

You can also use the system to perform automated underwriting, with rules customized to fit your way of doing business.

If we are not electronically integrated with an ISO, the completed application and supporting documents can be sent to the ISO's underwriting department with one click via email. The email contains all of the documents needed and information in the email body will allow the underwriter to immediately identify who the application came from (Agent office ID is also on the application PDF sent). This method also allows for electronic signatures.

We are constantly enhancing the software. As a licensed user, you will always be provided with new features at no additional cost. There are however, a few new services we are planning which will include some additional costs. TSYS front and backend boarding will carry a monthly fee to use.

Start saving thousands of dollars monthly by using our system. Export your existing merchant database from one of our competitors system and import into ours. It's that easy. You'll be amazed at how much you can save and have a more robust and easy to use system specifically built for the merchant aquiring industry..

Give us a call to set-up a demonstration and discuss how we can tailor the system to your needs.