Encrypted Database

As you are probably aware, PCI compliance is for security of card holder data. These guidelines are stringent for online businesses. Even though we are not collecting or storing cardholder data, we felt you and your merchants should have piece-of-mind with regard to their information. Since the online application collects an owners personal and banking information, the data should be treated the same as if it were cardholder data.

The IBM Cloud server you will be housed on is PCI compliant, but we took your protection a giant leap forward.

Sensative data is encrypted with a key stored on a separate server, making it very difficult to breach. Additionally, we utilize a firewall in front of your server which is monitored 24 x 7 for attacks. Should it detect an attack is in progress, it locks the system down automatically.

Even if a hacker were successful in gaining access to the database, the data would be unusable to them due to the encryption.